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Hi, my name is Timothy Jacob. I love helping people succeed in their goals whatever they may be.

Welcome to my website, the fortunate blend .com 
Why the name? I am a blend. A blend of what? Many things depends on how you look at it. 
Looking at myself as a blend has helped me tremendously and I condisder myself to be very fortunate. Hence the name "The Fortunate Blend."
This is the home page for timothy jacob, image consulting services inc.
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The Mathematics of Image

Image Imagination

Life is a mathematical equation.
Like going to the store, you find something you want you ask the price and decide if you can afford it.
Life is like that.

Image? What Image?

Image is not only who you present yourself to be intentionally. Image is also what others see that you do not. The one who's image is most steadfast, tried and true to the principles of longevity finds themselves among the winners.
First, identify a goal or a direction of change.
Second, determine the crucial elements necessary to reach the goal or effect the direction of change.
Third, determine the absolute minimal frequency of implementation - committment to reach your goals.
Fourthly, do the work. Maintain your practice, monitor your results, make adjustments as needed to maintain your maximum progress towards balanced success.
Catalysts are responsible for change.
Change involves a risk. Creating a safe place to initiate this change is the first work in image consulting. Once safety is realized, change becomes possible.

Initial Phone Consultation $30 / 40 minutes

Phone Consultation $75 / 90 minutes as needed

In-person Consultation $150 / 4 hours

(Price subject to change. 22 MAY 2016)

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