t i m o t h y  j a c o b 
i m a g e  c o n s u l t i n g  s e r v i c e s  i n c.


The Humans, the Dragon & the Wolf

During the first thousand years after the Dragon broke free of the prison the Humans had made for it, a war ensued.
The nuclear bombs the Humans detonated left ugly scars on the surface of the earth. The Humans began to despair at this strange work of killing and cried out to God.
The cry of their despair reached the Spirit of the Wolf and the Wolf decided to attend Earth to devour the Dragon and lower their numbers. So Earth fashioned a body for the Wolf designed for eating meat. And the Wolf arrived and took on the body designed for it and traveled in packs devouring the Dragon and their hybrids wherever they found them.

The Dragon took caution and hid themselves & their hybrids deep into the hold of mountainous caves. There they stayed for 30,000 years and ate each other and bred with each other and increased in unnaturalness. When finally they were redeemed they were given a time to bring their nature to fruition. In the course of this, they remembered the Wolf and took out their displeasure on Her, hunting Her & Her Children severally all over Earth; breeding and misbreeding them; trying to break their spirit under the desolation of isolation and control.